How to find a girl in Australia?

Probably the question of how to find the girl is the easiest one in the pickup. But at the same time, the answer to it is very multifaceted. Here you will have to ask a question more specifically, to do this, break it down into several parts: where to find a girl, how to choose and why. Let's deal with each separately.

Where to look for?

The modern world gives us many opportunities to meet the opposite sex. Let's take a look at a few of the more common options you've already thought about.
Street. One of the most common options. As a rule, a pick-up artist has a few specific places where he is used to going to meet girls. This place should be as comfortable as possible so that you do not experience any inconvenience. At the same time, there should be a lot of girls who are not particularly busy with business. The metro is not a good choice. Sightseeing is better. Parks are generally ideal in this regard.

Cultural rest. Exhibitions, museums, galleries and so on. It is worth going here only if you have at least some knowledge in this or that matter related to the chosen place. Before setting off, check out the information about the exhibits, paintings or other objects on display.

Public holidays. One of the best places to meet girls. On such days there are many people on the street, and they are all in high spirits. Therefore, acquaintances will be much easier. Take part in some contests or games on the main square, ask the girl you like to participate, referring to the fact that you have no companion. You will rarely hear a refusal.

Clubs. A very effective option, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without financial investments. You have to understand that girls are not looking for guys here for long term relationships. Now think about how relevant this is for you and make a decision. Read my article on how to take a girl home. Igor Lapin's recommendations on how to find a girl
Social networks. Great option. This is a real field of creativity for a pick-up artist. It is very easy to find a girl here and start chatting with her. If you are a beginner, then social networks will be a good preparatory stage for you before live communication. Just don't get hung up on virtual reality. You will have sex in bed, not on the Internet.

Dating websites. Many people think of them when it comes to finding a girl on the Internet. But this is not the best option for a pickup truck. Think for yourself what kind of people are there. These girls tend to have serious dating problems in real life. This is due to either an ordinary appearance or a nasty character. I don't think this is exactly what you are looking for. You will have to put in a lot of effort to find a girl effectively on a dating site. In addition, many dating sites require payment for being able to communicate with girls.

It is worth deciding on a specific place. Start with something simpler and gradually embrace more and more field of action. Over time, you will learn to act in any conditions and get results consistently in your bed. The question of how to find a girl will disappear by itself.
Difficult choice
Even your city is full of beautiful single girls who are waiting to meet you. And among all it is difficult to choose the right one. Here, novice pick-up artists very often make the mistake of believing that this or that girl is too good for them, and she will refuse right away.

There is no need to be afraid to approach any of the fairer sex. Everything is very simple here. You just need to stop expecting something from dating a girl. This way you will get rid of the unpleasant feeling after rejection and will be able to make more dating attempts. The choice also depends on the goal you are pursuing, and on the place of acquaintance. Different places provide different information.

If you meet in person, then you have to choose by appearance. Everything is simple here. You hardly need to explain which girls you like, so be guided by your feelings.
Acquaintance on the Internet assumes a more detailed and in-depth analysis of candidates. Here you can find out if a girl has a boyfriend or not, what her interests are, see photos, evaluate her appearance. If you need a girl for sex tonight, base your choice on looks. Other information on her page will serve as a support for you to meet and communicate. If you are considering a long-term relationship, then take a closer look at her interests.

A little about you

To find a girl, it is not enough just to go out and start dating. It is important to work on ensuring that the result of each of your acquaintances is maximum. And it only depends on you. You need to prepare and maybe even work on yourself.

What kind of guys do girls like? Everything is quite complicated here. Someone prefers the strong and temperamental, someone likes the cute and empathetic.